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Plan to build an incredible residence in open nature probably can be all people wishes. There is bone want to refuse to stay in the comfortable residence that surrounded by many hills in open nature. Although this home isn’t too large but at least the interior and furniture that be used is modern enough.Interior design, a Minimalist residence in open nature can be the suitable choice for you to have good residence in open nature without should spend many budgets. The following are some samples of minimalist home in open nature should you know.

Surrounded by many trees and hill make this residence seem shady and free from pollution. Yes, we know that it isn’t wet nature, some tress is dry when the summer comes but it precisely becomes a different view that can beautify the appearance of this residence. This residence is designed in minimalist and there aren’t many rooms that contain here. This home is dominated with gray scheme and almost interiors are made of steel materials.

Of course we know that the ground isn’t too flat so that staircase perhaps needed to build this residence. You can reach this home with staircases that have been provided. Beside of steel, this home also has some walls made from glass and even this home is dominated by many glass windows. It is useful to see the outside scenery so that you aren’t ought to exit home just to enjoy the views. You can also check for your fence at :

In addition, there are also lounge chairs made from black steel with models as a framework. It is used to sit and enjoy the cool morning atmosphere. While the floor in terrace designs in general, there is no ceramic tile here. We just find the floor made juts from concrete, without any admixtures. For a roof, the under surface of the roof is designed with square ventilations (holes). They work to add the modern concept of roof and also strengthen the roof performance.

Almost of rooms here situated in open area. Those have got optimal lighting from the afternoon sunlight that enters through glass wall and windows. For the furniture, we can see in the last room, there is few sofas, piano and brown table that put on the white rug. Build a minimalist residence in open nature is the wisest idea as the main media to see the views directly.